We have a mania spreading out through America tied to the craze in owning dogs. Searching back in the past to Vienna, Austria in the mid eighteen hundreds, one meets with the identical situation surrounding, the dangers of these animals, as being used for various personalities, for transitional implications of individual anti-social inadequacies. The Late Doctor Sigmund Freud and cohort, Karl Jung, along with Max Nordav, made lengthy studies of split personalities and their relationships with specific canines.

In the last several decades hundreds of dog fighting clubs were abundant i America. Psychiatrist long ago persisted that individual masochism was the actual reason for collective canine fighting. Masochism is discovered throughout humanoids as natural outlet for the release of pent up anti-social repressions. In it self, man instinctually harbored aggression as a survival weapon against weaker individuals, to obtain food and shelter. With contemporary existence, a concealed anti-social predisposition to literally satisfy mental instability, through torturing others, or the self, by civilized means, in a legal manner, masochism, self-hatred and getting artificial sexual highs

Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual inhibitions.
Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual intuitions, that are needed for an artificial high. This sudden release of forbidden sexual infatuation qualms a disturbed mind, reversed back into the real world, until masochism is to be daily released by Hollyweird’s subimatiog flicks.

The dog-loving masochists cleaves to have several dogs and their racket for long periods at night, and By indirect satisfaction, to worry neighbors, that brings on self-torture of reverberating masochism.


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  1. hogorina Says:


    PRE-ARMAGEDDEN AS FORERUNNER OF INELUCTABLE DETERMINISM’S MENACE In the shadows of contemporary professional journalism and in the every day mental recesses of honorable layman, or hundreds of loose-minded mobs, lurks a well concealed fact, being implanted from the womb to the tomb. This mysterious spirit of iniquity can be traced back over a several thousands of years. Before the great deluge mother nature wreaked havoc upon mankind that fell into a trap of which was set up by the identical political forces having control over our Republican institution. It is impossible to segregate or divide the ever drifting of universal Judaic/Christian into an iron-fisted grasp, of any and all, of whom believe that the Constitution hallows no amalgamation or alliance between religion and state. George Washington and Thomas Paine agreed upon this matter, but Paine realized that a somewhat mysterious influence was amidst the Founding Fathers. Thus, Paine wound up in a French dungeon, for going against the ancient menace of ineluctable determinism’s hold upon any and all minds dwelling in the universal fields of pseudo-man made religions, as allied with political whoredom. Actually, for hundreds of years political reality was not to rock the boat. Of course, a few in number had not the intellectual ability to realize that they were merely tools of an already One World government scheme being concealed down through the ages by anti-social pulpit pounders, as ready-made mouth pieces for the financial engineers of which have full command and absolute control over both political parties respectively. The shame of this is that both parties are wrangling over insignificant matters, brought to head as a veneer from moles within. It is impertinent that pro Communist elements must be thrown to the streets. America must know the terror of SOCIALISM. The subtle political power behind INELUCTABLE DETERMINISM never forget and never forgive when openly exposed. For sure, this poster will not make that mistake. Not one President of this United States has failed to follow the mysterious methods being imposed upon the people, because they are not fully aware as to this mysterious, not mythical, individual personality disorder of transcensdental Oriental fundamentalism, with its anti spiritual nature to absolutely destroy the American Republic. Hand-in-hand with this transcendentalism is its chief method used to compel political whores to eat crow. This little unknown metaphysical implant is known as GLANDULAR MURDER. Combined, this twin method of deposing any and all political opposition, brings on sudden heart attacks and other deaths through causing specific glands to over react at once. The last book written on McCarthy mentions that the Senator knew that he was being killed, but he could not comprehend the manner used. This was glandular murder. At this very moment it is being used against any movie star or politician of whom steps out of line. This is something like being excommunicated from some religious denomination and being ostracized. Threading back through contemporary history, even back to the Civil War era, several personalities come to the fore front. President Abraham Lincoln was caught in betwixt a rock and a hard place. His real name was ENHOE, NOT lincoln. This is no great measure, but why the name change? Supposedly, the President’s ghost writers had a political agenda to reorganize individuaL SOVERIERGN STATES IN GIVING THE FEDERALISTS A KNAWING GRIP IN BEING GUIDING by THAT UNIVERSAL MACHINE OF Rothschilds’ wealth. There is no intention to demeanor wealthy people, for men of all nations own much. In collusion, Lincoln’s true political nature fulfilled his allotted alliance with a measure of Ineluctable Determinism. But on an imaginary metaphysically induced desire for a unification of our young empire, John Wilkes booth killed Lincoln. This murder was not over cotton, slavery or insanity. Booth claimed each loved justice more than life. Booth’s love for all nations was that of Thomas Paine—all nations have divine rights under a creator. Booth comprehended international finance very well. Booth and Lincoln knew The Declaration of Independence by heart. It appears that their individual hearts marched to diverse drummers. In summing up those of whom serve politically in dread of glandular murder and its bride’s made, ineleluctable determinism, monuments are erected for the various tourist traps across our country. Several of these reminds one of Harry S. Truman, Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins, and Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry dexter White, and the Alfred E. Neunans. As long as we struggle against universal socialism in America, let’s not forget those of whom stood tall and died in greatness, in never faltering in their duties to fight political tyranny at home, and battle fields afar- General George Patton, General MacArthur, Huey P. Long, etc. Who knows what lurks in the mind of man?

  2. hogorina Says:


    Dead men tell no tales. Many people think that 911 was partly an inside job. We know that WW 1 was an inside job by the then President Woodrow Wilson; and yes, WW11 an inside job. Do not forget Korea–the late Dean Acheson of the State Department made sure that this nation was looted to satisfy China and Red Russia. Go a little further and examine the Bush gang–father and son. And the politically looting of Third World nations clearly being in the eagle’s eye of The International Monetary Fund. It would be well to watch the State Department, in sending ambassadors to alien boundaries, while previously marrying the Devil for a valise filled with torts, in selling America short, in agreeing to above and under the table treaties,as palmed off look-a-likes,on both sides of an equation, while Satan laughs up his sleeve. It is time to remove the idle trash that hangs around the State Department!

  3. hogorina Says:


    Several years past, Ralf Nader prefaced a written a book, ” WATER LORDS “. This volume exposed corruption in a city and county of low life political whoredom tied to a cooperate greed that appeared to be in public office since 1936. The journalist left no rock unturned. Today, this book is out of print. But the low down scoundrels in past public service have present day descendants, of yesteryear’s in office official criminals. And presently, public servants are bribed to turn their heads in regards to sustaining laws that supposed to protect life and property.

    Prior to the book being published, Ralf Nader exposed, with names, the culprits in office of whom allowed a city and county to drink polluted waters, to be enriched with any type of filth known to enter drinking water. Many doctors in this area refused to drink the sludge, moving to areas where water was half- way fit to drink.

    Speaking of filth, the named city had an adjunct, swamp like chunk of land for public recreation. Many people would crab on the beach year after year. Not more than one hundred feet from the crabbing area was a massive sewage line from local homes. One could see the human dung pouring out on the beach. There was an old saying that the crabs were fatter in that area.

    Of course, Mr Nader was only concerned with water pollution. The journalist notes in his work that one particular industry had been poisoning all the water for thirty years or more. Governing culprits used harsh language, backed by a controlled press ), in heaping open ridicule upon the public for complaining year after year, and no political whore was concerned. In fact, this acid like pollution smelled with the worst odor. One could honestly assume that the city and county was one open latrine, structured in the art of condoning the most putrid smell for all citizens to cough and gag.

    Most of all, all automobiles from miles around had rusted from an acid cloud, that daily loomed in the hemisphere, swooping any and every thing, in completely destroying public monuments and eradicating names on tomb stones. Most cemeteries were invaded with this acid like chemical reaction, to the extent that information on markers were eaten away as stone slowly disappeared.

    Further, all walks of life were poisoned from the cradle to the grave. All types of mental and physical diseases kept local citizens perpetually in line, for some physicians care. The physicians
    dare not complain, for most were tied to both city and county governments. The coroners stood in line to serve their masters in office, who so often buried their so-called mistakes via a coroner’s inquest. In fact, this is a well established routine.

    For sure, millions in bribes were passed along to political whores of the lowest degree, in aid and abetting several allied cooperations to set up their anti-social criminal outlets, in a city and county, when other states refused to allow investing criminals to apply their nefarious trades, in keeping local political prostitutes fat and greedy. Yes, from indirect extortion through investing hoodlums, out right acid pollution has slowly murdered innocent citizens, and their children, from the womb to the tomb. Outright pollution is a criminal act. However, scoundrels amidst flowing bribes are rotten in their souls with murder by pollution!

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