Yes, indeed, our public nationwide loves responsible and brave police officers, of whom serve well and are dedicated towards their duties as servants of the people. This is all good and well.

All cities Across America are facing a growing dilemma, as to various personalities entering the law enforcement industry. Like any profession, bad apples will appear. This is nothing new in national police work. It just so seems that when FEMA and SWAT opened their doors that bullies began to wear badges.

Man’s brutality can be harnessed so much under civil laws. Yet, pinning a badge upon a psychoneurologically disturbed personality is questionable. Further, having disordered minds behind a cam to literally rip off the public is nothing but legalized banditry. When some work of mechanical technology snatches money from homo sapiens with a flick of a switch, then it will be more worthy to return to the cave-man era, and to club thy neighbor as usual, rather than railroading him with an unseen beam. Why not put cash registers in all road-side speed traps, police cars, and save the labor of switching on a cam.

Naturally, civil jobs in police activities are unproductive and do not create any wealth. This, of course, applies to city and county managers who turn their heads, in pulling money into their coffers, Public servants that fit into the subject in question, including SWAT and FEMA, should seek membership into the national IWW–i won’t work union, or join the military.” Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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Obama is an arrogant despot pushing the Constitution right out the door.

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  1. Hogorina (@Hogorita) Says:


    America is now headed into a planned global depression–no recession. Office holding and appointed political whores kneel down to international banksters and a network of organized investors of criminal back grounds. This allied gang rob and plunder every nation East and West that falling under their global plundering, by way of establishing pseudo democracies with the aid of the International Monetary Fund. This is an anti West Satanically inspired operation infesting the upper most functions of our national government. This has infected state and federal criminality.
    Financial greediness runs through out fifty states, as the opted plants known as the city and county management officials blindly follow instructions blatantly, and ignorantly, in making time for a future pension. And to hell with society. Citizens run to and fro robbed of their property illegally !

    Astounding, America has been transformed into a commie run nationwide metropolitan sewer. This outlet is partly composed of imported thugs that swamp our shores from eastern Europe via entering our country through border crossing from Mexico. In essence, America is under a well-planned invasion of Marxianized revolutionaries. Innocent and duped Americans are being sold of goods that appeal to mobs of ignorant citizens that socialism is the answer to a nation’s economic problems. Most of this incipient scheme in dismantling our republican/democratic system has infected all religious functionaries, as tax free institutions preach communism from Red-infected pulpits across the country. Indeed, the national news media is in the hands of liberalism. Mind benders in the publishing field of every state intellectually railroad the upper classes with the scare of enemies from abroad, as a ruse in allowing pulp mills to subtly railroad organized herds, (reds ), consisting of the ignorant and the super ignorant, being led with the progressive mob like mentality. And the pulp mills and commie fed religions doom America. The bitter truth is that our people have been mentally hijacked and socially unfit, as a whole, to arrest and retain liberties already lost.

    For sure, the Southern United States is under Marxian reconstruction. Psychological warfare is being made on the Bible Belt and once great culture of these states, that have lost the restive culture of the past. In fact, there is a progressive anti-social war being applied against every female in America. No women or children are safe on the streets. Perverts have full control in their attempt to wreck the family unit, that is the master key required by any civilized people on earth. Marx and Engles’ pro-commie structure is being followed here, as the national communist inspired news spouts forth every concept of incipient socialism, as spewed forth under the control of an invisible and universal empire of syndicated financial masters.

    Naturally, mental slavery is a requirement in the professions, where many misled intelligences comprehends their being a major tool being inspired, subtly, with communist inspired news through an upper class of journalistic muck raking, of whom work hand in hand with pro-Bolsheviki appointed slaves of whom are installed by an invisible hand to finally destroy whats left of a dying republic. Socialism so wryly appeals to the so-called unproductive proletarians.

    Here, we have the ancient Roman circus that appeals to mob intellect. But, as the up coming middle class declines, the idle class will increase. This is the enemy within–mobocracy !
    The ignorant masses are lured into a national circus ring by free handouts through medicaid and sucking up alcohol and drugs with minds on ball games. Here a future awaits—– Bottom feeders.

    many fools wait in line for a future guillotine, for all of whom being sucked into the marxists fable that proletarians should rule. No doubt about it: Imported gangsters will finally rule our nation as we witness now, but with a firmer hand. Remeber the SWAT and FEMA gangs at Waco. It has already happened here in our once free America. Too, under President Clinton and Janet Reno, We will leave this imposition in warning, remembering Karl Marx’s personal wish: ‘ Workers of the world unite ( Americans ), for we have nothing to loose and the world to gain

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