The toe-car racket throughout America between towing automobiles and bribery, in many cases should be broken up, as a racket with big-bucks being pocketed when specific garages are to select a tow charge. Automobiles as private property should never be impounded as long as the owner might wish. Put the right cash in some officials hands, and the money rolls in as a bribe. No man’s property should be ceased without due process of law. If an auto is to be towed, then the owner should name who does what. This racket of bribing officials, that a specific garage is to tow, charging the owner, is a special illicit rip off taking place at every road stop in America. Of course, The American Civil Liberties outfit turns the head!


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  1. hogorinah Says:


    Karl Marx predicted this in his Communist Manifesto of 1848. Too. that people in the professions were not laborers, ( workers ), and were somewhat above getting corns on their hands. Marx’s coworker Fredrick Engels, witnessed the destruction of the family in that such of a system was contrary to scientific socialism. However one might view Marx’s and Engel’s, view on a futuristic society Marx’s economic theory holds water. The eastern world and the western world ( Occidental/Oriental ), are equivalent in handling labor, but the old chime that no one in the professions labor is a well-worn shade of bamboozling various classes of labor. And now, Interest capitalism vs pure capitalism must drop their blinders and come to face with both issues of labor as befitting workers using their brains and laborers on the end of a shovel.

  2. hogorinah Says:


    Astounding it is to learn that the United Nations is contemplating that Palestine should become a state. This satanic presumption has its spiritual roots since Nimrod managed ancient Babylon. The first move towards imperialism was to move in on Assyria; this earlier beginning towards a latter-day global government was a future stage in establishing the United nations. Research demonstrates that the upcoming Palestine state is only a step away from realizing that universal slavery through the manifestations surrounding the Swedish banking system, is a vault for universal banking syndicates as tied to the bank of England-Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve.

    We know that Nimrod was the son of Cush, son of Ham. too, that the contemporary descendants of Ham is spread through Europe-Middle East-North and South America. In essence, these nations are divided against Israel , otherwise referred to as Zionism. Zionism has many opponents outside of Palestinian contempt. The riddle of an international chess game is being played out concerning a shot-gun wedding between two first-cousins Arabs and Zionists. In accord this amounts to an upcoming well lain illicit principles of machiavellian political intrusion, of anti-social radical social obtuseness,; in corraling hundreds of nations of independent cultures and religious functionaries as a compound of existing with one line of thought–the United Nations has failed in this sort of social engineering, and has become a stalled machine of organized confusion.

    Time will show that forced integration of one nation divided into two for several thousands of years will not be reunited under political incest. Unorthodox Judaism will not waver one bit from a God that are awaiting; and Mohammedism still follows Allah. Time will tell, let no one be deceived; America is in a critical stage of brinkmanship existing with the United States Congress and the State Department. Let Judaism and Palestine handle their own world destinies. Billions have been sent into near and middle east. yet to no avail; and all of this nothing but a spiritual war that began at Mount Sinai, when the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea. That war goes forward today, as Congress are trying to stick their noses into another nation’s affairs by attempting to reunites two nations in committing political incest through a pro-communist organization sat up in 1948, with the aid of the late President Harry Truman and his Pro-reds ( spies } underhandedly, in 1945. Truman died just as he lived, a long gone pal of Joseph Stalin and an unelected President for his first term. And things move along as the world’s monetary bandits use the Swedish banking industry to conceal stolen wealth. Here are the wire-pullers behind uniting the Palestine/Zionist scheme of ancient Nimrod to rule the World! But first of all, we must consider the Hamite nobeles in the background as the major influence of universal social movements.

  3. hogorinah Says:


    Ezra Pound tried to warn of the cause of WW11 and was put into St. Elizabeths insane asylum in Washington, D.C.

    William Joyce, teacher and poet, was hanged for treason against a country not of his own origins. Too, he tried to warn of approaching industrial fascism.

    Sylvester Vierieck {?[ was ruined by a specific president, in warning of an approaching war years in advance.

    Eustace Mullins spoke out against treason in politics and was nearly jailed

    Earnest Hemingway committed suicide because he was compelled to support obscene politics.

    The most astounding thing is that these great poets spoke by premonition. These poets harbored a gift from a divine source. We call them modern day oracles, in order to console contemporary adulterated coloquialism.

    Yes, 71 years later we discover that Pearl Harbor was planned at least 20 years in advance. Deceived Americans can be assured that Franklin D. Roosevelt, a hater of poets, and a writer of murder mysteries, while President; incidentally, Margaret Truman wrote murder mysteries, Harry Truman’s daughter, another poet hater, as her father carried out the Roosevelt administration’s in alliance with Red Russia. No poet has ever been out of tune with out divine intuition, but those of whom opposed great poets certainly was inspired from the very depths of hell. Since Pearl harbor is the cause of America’s decline, and falling into the universal network of international Bolshevism!

  4. hogorina Says:

    My view was out-viewed via electronics. Machines do our thinking. Wizard of Oz: if i only had a brain. Electronically induced thought control-robots vs humanoids. One web site hated to admit that the thieves of the New York Stock Exchange were sold-palmed off on a more classical team, in dealing with fiat moneys and stolen properties through home closures. Fiat moneys uses American homes through taxation, as collateral. This trickery is practiced within all fifty states. The exchange is inseparable from the thieves that plunder our
    national republic . One should never in algebraic equation try to out wit whole numbers. Stock exchange swindlers earn more with the tricks of fractional configuration. Albert Einstein was at loggerheads as to the methods of monetary rule-Albert never gambled–of course he never owned any property.

  5. hogorinah Says:

    Bernard Baruch during the WW11 war years controlled the Roosevelt political machine indirectly through a special aid, Harry Hopkins,Russian spy, In his Book Barnard Baruch admits (Park Bench Statesman ), 1947, that his ancestors sat up the first KKK clan order. Forest Turner, as head of the later KKK gets the credit mistakedly, that he was the first Prima Donna, of an absurd political movement. This is just to clear the air, of lies that always precede mass wickedness, through well controlled news and printing industries. At this moment it appears that interested parties can receive more information through the Moscow news industry!

  6. Hogorina (@Hogorita) Says:


    Less we forget, BOLSHEVISM SAVED AMERICA DURING WW11. And now Russia does it once more. QUOTE: Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said: — “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.” Indeed, Putin aspires to unite the state of Russia with the Orthodox Church. A debt-free nation fused with a strong Christian ethic is what the Rothschilds & all Banking Cabalists fear most…


  7. Hogorina (@Hogorita) Says:


    “There seems to be a fundamental intellectual merry-go-round, in gathering up the vast information that Huffington Post brings forward. The question evolves around being pro Democrat or a rousing Republican. Clearly, we have a jungle of vast information to dig through with the ever lingering hope to arrive at some self-sane conclusion, as to cut through the very gist of what is put before all readers. In essence, Huffingting is up to par with journalistic professionalism. As a not to order Democrat nor a professed Republican, we might need a new state bird instead of the Eagle that Benjamin Franklin disliked, Franklin proposed the Turkey as a state bird in the the eagle is more prone to swoop down on his prey unsuspectingly. Since we have ignored the turkey, why not accept the buzzard as a state symbol. This bird is known to feast upon decayed corpses, perching in trees at night, and puking their guts out,. Congress is only a delayed reaction headed for the under taker’s slab. Buzzards are awaiting this unsightly dish of political whoredom. The problem is if these birds can stomach half-baked scoundrels.”

  8. hogorina Says:



    Several years past, a shyster while attempting to consume a bowl of grunion stew in a local hash hole, ( tourist trap ) ,
    was dining with the local Attorney General, in a strip club in the red-light district. This rat hole was owned by the local city Health Administrator. The local imported prostitutes referred to this pillar of tourist entertainment as the clapp-house. This half-lit ambulance chaser ordered a bowl of grits to be doubled on the gravy. His pal. the attorney, pulled from his pocket a pint of Bay Rum. This thirst quencher was a hair tonic from East India and killed it.

    All of a sudden, as a courtesy, a glass of nature’s special, ninety-nine percent water and
    one-percent tomato juice, was shoved in front of this customer. Then the most startling
    took place. Some of the grunion stew dripped upon the counter a nd a bell for the waitress was rung. Not too surprisingly, two huge blackish cockroaches rushed the spilled food. Apparently, these vermin had permanent residence, for they were real fat and huge-well fed. huge bodies like bumble bees.

    Astounding, a battle a battle took place. Both roaches stood on their rear feet, in bracing for battle. The fighting and wrestling
    went on for ten minutes One combatant limped back under the counter for a rest. The winning roach flew through the air
    and landed on one shyster’s collar. The waitress apologized. She said that her boss had the place exterminated last year, further elaborating that her own flat was loaded with the creatures, and that God created these little crawlers. Further, she had been a local belly dancer and policemen. And she hoped to get a job with the local Health Dept.

    . She admitted she had six dogs in her apartment and took life
    in stride. Today, roaches are intelligent, as most liberals are. But
    never stomp a fatted roach in some hamburger joint, in popping one
    under foot. This will annoy the lower estate of mother nature.


  9. hogorina Says:


    Incredilble that nine men can dictate to three hundred million people on the game of sexual utility.
    This same senseless game of programed whoring militancy three thousands years past in ancient Canaan had came to the point that this whole empire was up to its neck sexual idolatry. In fact, homes and fields were filled with icons, as recognizing of sexual diversity. The desire for homosexuality was bathe in erotic infatuations in cowing down to the lowest instinct of ancient Canaanites that brought on murdering babies–burning and cannilbalizing them.

    America has fallen into the hands of a soulless class of mud people-mud sliders, determined to destroy our republican form of ruler ship. Yes, these anti-social politically destructive hyenas have been vomited forth from the very depths of hell. Evey intellectual terminology actually bases its theme on this conceptional melt-down degradation, that attempts to destroy innocent souls through trickery and deception upon the forth estate of national society. Yes, the so-called middle-class falls in line to follow this elephant walk into the muck and mire sexual pollution that weighs upon the minds of thoughtless children. This is an out standing truth: the national family institution has been completely destroyed the day that the Red inspired justice Earl Warren reached back into muck and mire of universal Bolshevism. This hired gun on the payroll of the Communist party USA, has made an alliance with Satan’s gang, intelligentsia, and of which had bargained with the world’s proletarian fed mobs, mud people, in dethroning our national citizenry, from achieving any pact, agreement, as a people held in iron clause of absolute
    ldespotism. This spoon-fed autocracy rule has doomed America!

  10. hogorina Says:

    It is impossible to know anything about one’s conscious understanding and reactions unless the following question is posed, Do you know who you are? Here lies the issue in trying to govern one’s self, much less accepting an opponents view. Democrat. Be side this inquiry is less. Republican. Both double-jointed Homo Sapiens gather the self-sane presumption, two opposites, use Gerrymander in attempting to force govern select fools; that all-in-all, through deception, presume to be decent in the serving the total idea of national government. CONFEDERATED RASCALS!

    Many people, humanoids or politicians, spend their whole feather-bedding careers with out actually understanding the psychosis of a non-governing perception that turns them on. This aristocratic class gets lost through an official one-ring carpet bagging royal circus, as robots of leisure at tax payer’s expense; life moves on in bowing down to a supposed government that has never existed. BUDGET. This monetary rule is actually the governing unit over mankind since the beginning of civilizations– learning the method to be ruled, or to be ruled over, by their tribal nations, and chattel slavery’s existence and struggle through ions of time were during an an ancient struggle. KINDLY-DO THESE CREATURES KNOW NOW, AS WHO OR WHAT THEY MISTAKENLY HOLD IN ESTEEM SINCE ADAM DUG AN ENCLAVE FROM THE NEAREST HILL SIDE?

    Incidentally, in the abstract no reasonable explanation can be discovered regarding true rule by the few when robbery by one class takes the liberty to cove their tracks. Now this system is democrat/republican fronting for the budget rule. From Pharaoh of Egypt unto the many judges and kings over ancient Canaan and from thence to all Presidents of our United States absolutely reverses Adam’s passing to all mankind free speech. We have thought control in America; and even in the beginning of Genesis, ( Bible ), we find no evidence of a sustained government-something to think about. Christ recognized no formal government. Like said, no governments–organized brutality! All mischief and plunder under political prostitution!

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